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Locallover's Blog First Blog Ever! So Bare With Me.
Posted by Locallover on 2012-01-24 20:27:19.

Dear readers and fellow blogers, Welcome! This is the first blog I have ever created, so bare with me if it isn't all that grand. I wil do my best to entertain, inform, or just simply rant on and on about nothing and everything (I think that's my default mode). All the while, I'll be practicing my writting and developping my own style, and YOU, my dear reader, will have the pleasure to get to know me a little more! But first here are somethings you should know: 1. Although I do my best to present... No comments



Fenman1's Blog to dream the impossible dream.
Posted by Fenman1 on 2011-06-25 08:02:47.

ccok,so the titles a bit dramatic,my dreams are not that unrealistic or unobtainable.sometimes it just seems that way.all i really want is the same as most people,to be reasonably sucessful in a few key areas of my life,and once i`ve exorcised a few of my past demons,number1 on my list is LOVE. my 2 closest friends katey and lou encouraged me to get myself out there,and the best way to ease myself in gently was to try online dating they thought,and thats what brought me here.i suppose the main advantage... 2 comments



Fenman1's Blog fenmans first blog anywhere,ever.
Posted by Fenman1 on 2011-06-18 12:00:38.

so here it is then,my own little space in the world to ramble on about stuff of minimal interest to anyone else...sweet.! I find myself at this massive crossroad in my life,putting 27 largely unhappy and unfruitful years behind me.It`s taken me the best part of 24 of them to sort my head out and accept my s----lity,im not 100% there yet but i think im probably a bit like my computer,i log on to a site complicit and accepting of its content,it just takes ages for all the relevant images and information... No comments



Muzpal65's Blog Hey I'm Muz
Posted by Muzpal65 on 2010-09-27 00:46:05.

Hey guys I'm Muz and in my blogs I'm gonna talk about all sort of things for all of you hot boys here on this site, I'm new here so be nice and you'll be glad you did =) well this is it for now until next time.......Who loves 80's music? give a shout out! It's ok to be a dork at times....=) 3 comments



Mandude23's Blog So...i have a blog now?
Posted by Mandude23 on 2009-09-28 13:29:43.

So...i have an area now, where I will come on occasionally and vent. Normally my ventings come when I'm a little bit drunk. But that makes them much more fun, right? Right. Of course...I'll try not to make them such man hating rants and raves, though if you're a gay in the Myrtle Beach'll understand why I do rant occasionally. No comments



Shanghaed's Blog Hot guy walking along Fuzhou Road to the Physical Gym at Raffles
Posted by Shanghaed on 2009-09-24 02:58:09.

Welcome! Your blog section is now live. Please click the edit link below this blog entry to change the title and text. I was walking along Fuzhou Road yesterday afternoon (23rd September) when I saw a hot guy with short hair, a black T-shirt and blue jeans walking towards People's Square. He was carrying some toys and talking on the phone to someone. I was too shy to talk to him but followed him into Raffles Plaza and lost him on the elevator to Physical Gym. He... One comment

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