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Billy's Boy
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Billy's Boy

Patricia Nell Warren

For those who know Warren's previous novels, this is the third in a series. The first, The Front Runner, is about a young gay distance runner who was outed on his way to the Olympics. For those who haven't read The Front Runner yet, Billy's Boy stands alone as a story.

Billy's Boy is a first person story, about a teen's passionate search to know more about his dead gay father, his lesbian mother's past...and his own sexual destiny.

John William, 14, describes himself as "the science geek from hell." He loves astronomy, dreams of exploring the universe as a NASA astronaut. But lately his attention is focused on Earth, his best friend Shawn, and his own awakening body. New in L.A., he hangs out with his straight girl buddy Ana and two Latino club kids, Teak and Elena, that he just met. William is sure he's straight, and he is irritated by Teak's effeminate attitude.

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